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Welcome to the Trojan Museum Trust’s shop. The Trust has available a variety of small books about various details of Trojan Ltd. Including two first hand accounts of life in the Trojan works. If you are interested in purchasing one of our books then simply contact the Trust and we will explain how to pay.

The GPO's Trojan Vans

This little book goes through the story of the various Trojan vans owned and used by the GPO’s Royal Mail and Telephone Engineers. It gives the back ground leading up to the decision to trial the vans as well as first hand memories from the authors father, who was one of the first postman drivers of Trojan vehicles. A great book packed with detailed information.

Price : £3.50

The Great No.1 Factory At Kingston, Surrey

The Great No. 1 Factory at Kingston Surrey’ by Don Williams is a great little 30 page book which goes through the history of this Kingston factory. From it’s first use making Sopwith planes, to its ownership by Leyland making Trojan cars, vans and Leyland buses. To its final use making Hawker Harrier Jump Jets. Full of photos and packed with information for a great read.

Price : £3.50

Recollections of Troy

Recollections of Troy’ is a new short book by Don Williams which vividly depicts life in late 1920’s Ross-On-Wye as seen through the eyes of a child. As the son of a hard working family running a butchers business and a pub, Don sees the then ordinary daily life in a unique way, picking up on  images and scenes now long since disappeared. The locally used vehicles of the time and in particular the Trojan delivery vans make such a strong impression that the love for them lasts a lifetime. This is a wonderful account that will take the reader right back to the Ross-On-Wye of the 1920’s.

Price : £2.99

Trojan's Lucky Apprentice

Trojan’s Lucky Apprentice’ is a fascinating account of the author’s time as an apprentice Millwright at Trojan Limited during the mid 50’s. The author leads us from his lucky break in getting the apprenticeship to the dozy doings that he and his young colleagues got up to. He then introduces us to the lost art of repairing machines and the design of some of the specialist machines that Trojan used. A wonderful account of the now largely lost skills of yesteryear, a good read for all those interested in Trojan Limited and the engineering trade of the 1950’s. 

Price : £6.99

My Trojan Story

My Trojan Story’ is a first-hand account of life in the Trojan works as an apprentice during the 1950’s. Mike takes us from department to department as he is moved around Trojan through his apprenticeship. He introduces us to the details of the work, the people who work there and to life in general as a Trojan employee. This book is a unique account of life at Trojans and is a fascinating read.

Price : £6.99