Chairman David Hambleton

Patron Tim Schenken


Welcome to the Trojan Museum Trust. This site has been set up to tell you all about the work of the Trust and how the Trust can help you with information on all Trojan products and vehicles produced by Trojan Limited of Croydon, England.

The Trust’s purpose, as the name suggests, is to work towards the establishing and running of a museum in England dedicated to the products of Trojan Limited, a company which worked in engineering and produced vehicles from before the First World war until the early 1970’s. The Trust aims in the short term to collect vehicles, products, literature and information relating to Trojan Limited which will all be available for research and general interest. The Trust document lays out exactly what the Trust can and can not do and how it works.

 You will also find a basic history of the Trojan company and many pictures and copies of brochures of Trojan products. I hope you will find all of this interesting and if you have any further enquiries concerning Trojan products or the Trust then please contact us at the Trust’s  email address. Also if you have any information which you think would be useful to the Trust or if you feel that perhaps you could help the trust to achieve its goal then please get in touch.