Misc. Products and Machines (7 albums)

Agricultural Machinery
Trojans first venture into agricultural machinery was in 1930 when they built a prototype small iron wheeled tractor powered by their pre-war engine. Although literature was produced for the tractor it never went into production. In the late 50's Trojan set up an agricultural division and started production of the Trojan Airator, which was a large trailer mounted crop drying fan, incorporating a 3 foot diameter fan powered by a Lister diesel engine which blew across a large heat exchanger which burnt diesel oil. These quite large machines were fairly successful and were also sold for the warming up of Billy Smarts circus tents and other heating applications. Trojan also manufactured the Trojan Bale-master which was a device to allow a tractor to pick up a pile of hay bales. Then in 1961 came the Monotractor which was a three wheeled tractor designed to be used in the Third World. It was very simple and so could be repaired with the minimum of tools. These were produced in quite high numbers though the vast majority were exported. Also in 1961 Trojan developed the Toraktor which was a miniature garden tractor. These were made over a number of years and the original simple Mk 1 was soon replaced by the 2 then 3 and 4. Implements were sold for the all models which included a trailer, gang mowers, rotavator and snow plough. Although the Mk 3 and Mk 4 were fairly sophisticated the majority of Toraktors seem to have been bought with the children of the family in mind.

Cable Cars
In the late 60's Trojan manufactured steel reinforced fibreglass cable car cabins for a number of systems around the world. The largest and most impressive system was for the Expo 67 exhibition in Canada. These cabins were enclosed with perspex windows. Then in 1969 they made the cabins for two small systems one at Fort Regent in Jersey and then an open cabin system at Llandudno in Wales, this is the only system still in use today.

Marine Engines
Trojan had several ventures into the marine engine market. In the early 30's they developed their standard two stroke engine into a marine unit with a special gear box. These were sold as either single or twin units, and for a while were marketed as a complete package with a motor cruiser builder from Windermere. In the 1950's Granta Boats of Ramsey bought in Trojan Mini-Motor units and developed their own outboard motor called the Peter Pan. These had a long almost horizontal prop shaft with a propeller mounted directly on the end. The Mini-Motor was also made into an outboard in Australia and sold as the Tornado Outboard. In the late 50's Trojan marketed the Clinton outboards and then in the early 60's the Bundy 500cc

Mini-Motor Based Machines
Trojan sold a huge number of basic Mini-Motors as small industrial engines. These were made into a huge variety of machines around the world. Trojan made a clip on unit which like the bike Mini-Motor converted a normal push lawnmower into a motor mower. In Australia, the motors were used to power Ogden and Mofast lawnmowers amongst others, also to power sheep shearing equipment, outboard motors and sewing machines. In this country they were attached to DDT sprayers, outboard motors, various mopeds including the Joybike, as well as countless unofficial conversions.

Miscellaneous Trojan Machines and Products
Trojan produced a huge variety of different products, varying from the Hounsfield camp bed in the 20's (which is still in production today) to the Trotent in the 60's. The Oil Groove Cutting Machine in the 50's, to the Trojan 'Caravan' in the late 20's. They were also involved in various defence contracts linked with the Woolwich Arsenal.

In 1961 Trojan produced the Trobike. This was a tiny motorbike fitted with a Clinton 98cc two stroke engine. They had no suspension or electrical system, but still were mainly used on the roads. They had the advantage of being light enough to pick up and small enough to go in the boot of a large car. Around 500 Trobikes were made and almost all in 1961.

In late 1959 Trojan started to manufacture the Trokart. This was a go kart powered by either a single or twin Clinton engines. By producing the Trokart Trojan were effectively introducing karting to this country. Production continued right into the 60's with some 5000 karts being produced, with many engine option from the Clinton range.